Quality health insurance for Seventh-day Adventist Church employees and their families.


We haven't done a TV ad in over 40 years. We don't sponsor the City2Surf. You've probably never seen us on a billboard. In fact, it's likely this is the first time you've even heard of ACA Health. And if you wanted to join us you'd need to be invited. See we only exist to benefit the health and wellbeing of our members.

We don't do flash and fashion; we do caring and compassion. And while we don't try and do everything for everyone, the one thing we do is to provide the very best value private health care possible to the current or past employees of the Seventh-day Adventist Church Companies in Australia* and their partner/ spouse, dependent, sibling, parent or grandchild. Our members.

* The Seventh-day Adventist Church Companies include the Sydney Adventist Hospital, Sanitarium Health Food Company, Adventist Retirement Villages, Adventist Schools, Unions and Conferences.


  • Standalone hospital covers
  • Standalone extras covers
  • Ability to combine hospital and extras covers


Membership with ACA is open to:

  • Past members
  • Present and past employees of incorporated companies affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia including:
  • Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Company
  • Sydney Adventist Hospital
  • Signs Publishing Company
  • Adventist Development & Relief Agency
  • Adventist Schools
  • Adventist Retirement Villages
  • Plus more!

Partners/ spouses, dependants, siblings, parents and grandchildren of eligible persons mentioned above are also welcome to join.


ACA operates in all Australian States and Territories.


1300 368 390

Health funds that value people over profits