Health insurance for the Defence community.


At Defence Health our members are just like family.

More than 260,000 Australians, all with connections to Defence, are part of our family. And if you decide to join us, you’ll discover why they stay. Like any good family, we support each other through good times and bad, and always take the time to listen.

To us, family is the most important thing. That’s why we are not-for-profit and all for the benefit of our members.

And it’s why we’ll defend your right to the very best cover and protection.

We’ve been providing great value health insurance with genuine care, support and expertise for more than 60 years. So, if you want great value health insurance from a not-for-profit insurer that’s all about benefiting members, cares about your wellbeing and always provides excellent service you’re in the right place.


We offer a range of hospital and extras cover that can be mixed and matched to meet your needs.

We have combined the best of our hospital and extras cover into two convenient options for Permanent ADF and Reservist packages –this includes partner-only and children-only cover.

Hospital cover

We have three levels of hospital cover: Premier, Value and Essentials to suit your needs and your budget. The higher your level of cover, the more you’ll be covered for.

You can take out standalone hospital cover, or combine it with one of our great value extras covers.

Extras cover

We have three levels of extras cover: Premier, Value and Essentials. The higher your level of cover, the more services you’ll be covered for and the lower your out-of-pocket expenses will be.


The Defence community is far-reaching. At its core are the serving ADF personnel, both full-time and Reservists, and their partners and children. But there are others in the Defence community whose contribution to the security of the nation is less obvious. If you have a Defence connection, you are eligible to join our family.

ADF families

The partners and dependent kids of permanent ADF and active Reservists can all join Defence Health.

If you’re a member of the permanent ADF you don’t need to cover yourself but you can cover your partner and/or dependent kids.

What does active Reservist mean?

Active Reservist means a person who is serving in the Army Reserve, Air Force Reserve or Naval Reserve of Australia. This includes standby Reservists who are engaged in 20 or more paid training days per financial year.

Past Service

If you have previously served in the ADF (full-time or part-time) you’re eligible to join.

ADF supporters

If you currently work or have worked in the Department of Defence or other Defence-related departments, you’re eligible to join.

If you currently work or have worked for a Defence supplier – a company or agency contracted to the Department of Defence, where you are or were involved in the supply of goods and services to Defence, you’re eligible to join.

Extended families of all above

If you’re the mum or dad, son or daughter, sister or brother, grandchild or partner/ex-spouse of a serving or ex-serving member of the ADF or an ADF supporter, you’re eligible to join.


Defence Health operates in all Australian States and Territories.


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What people say about Defence Health

My grandfather was in the army and the “Rats of Tobruk” in WWII and I didn’t realise I could join Defence Health. Made the switch and are now saving over $160 (as a couple) a month. Very happy!

Defence Health Member

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