Australia's only private health insurer run by police for police.


If policing was an ordinary job, all you’d need is an ordinary health fund. But it’s not, and that’s why you have us.

Police Health is Australia’s only private not-for-profit health insurer providing cover exclusively to police officers and their families. Run for the police, by the police, Police Health offers comprehensive, straightforward health insurance products to the policing community, understanding that policing is no ordinary job and therefore requires no ordinary insurance cover.

We’re high quality yet good value. We’re exclusive. We’re not for everyone.

Our products are high quality yet good value delivered with excellent customer service that consistently achieves high levels of customer satisfaction, in fact 99% as rated by a recent survey1.

Our products are designed for life and specifically for the needs of the policing community and their families. We don’t cut corners, we don’t overload you with options, or opt ins or opt outs.

If you’re already a member of Police Health, you’re enjoying the following benefits:

  • 80% benefits for most extras.
  • A rollover benefit allowing you access to unused annual limits from the previous year – exclusive to the Police Health Group funds.
  • 2 working day turnaround on claims.
  • Speak to a real person when you call.
  • Freedom of choice. You can choose your preferred hospital, doctor and any other service provider such as your physiotherapist or dentist, as long as the provider is recognised by us.
  • Our Top Hospital cover is true top hospital cover. No excess, benefit limitation periods, co-payments or exclusions.

1 hirmaa survey 2016


  • Standalone hospital covers
  • Standalone extras covers
  • Ability to combine hospital and extras covers
  • Pre-packaged covers


Police Health is a restricted access health insurer primarily for:

  • Current employees of a State, Territory or Federal police department or service.
  • Current employees of a State, Territory or Federal police union or association.
  • Former police and employees of police services or associations in Australia who resigned or retired after 1 January 2001 (please note: employees of SAPOL prior to 2001 are eligible to join).
  • Partners (spouses or de facto), former partners, dependent children and adult children (as well as partners and dependent children of adult children) are also eligible.

If you’re not sure and would like to check your eligibility please call us on 1800 603 603


Police Health operates in all Australian States and Territories.


1800 603 603

What people say about Police Health

Police Health is not profit driven. It was set up to deliver the best possible return for members. From my experience, when it is necessary to contact staff at Police Health, nothing is too much trouble. I have not had an experience that was below my expectations, and I have high standards and expect the same in return.

Police Health Member

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