Participating Health Funds

All 19 options that carry the Members Own symbol exist to benefit members. When you’re comparing Members Own funds, depending on your particular needs and circumstances, some will be better suited to you than others. Most Members Own funds are open to everyone to join, and some are designed exclusively for people in specific occupations, like the defence forces, the police force and education.

Products and Funds Being Compared

When you contact us we provide product recommendations from the following Members Own health funds: Australian Unity, Defence Health, Emergency Services Health, Frank Health Insurance (underwritten by GMHBA), GMHBA, HBF, Health Partners, Navy Health, Peoplecare, Phoenix Health, Police Health, RT Health, Teachers Health, TUH, Uni Health.

Note: Defence Health, Emergency Services Health, Navy Health, Police Health, RT Health, TUH and Teachers Health are restricted funds. This means they offer health insurance to people who fit particular criteria.

At this time we do not provide product recommendations from the following Members Own funds: St Lukes Health, Latrobe Health, ACA Health, Transport Health. If you would like more information about the products offered by one of these funds please ask us when we contact you, or alternatively you can contact the fund directly.

Approved Product List

At all times our recommendation to you is based upon listening to your needs and circumstances and matching them with the most appropriate choices from our list of approved products. The list of products is called the Approved Product List (APL), and can vary from time to time. This is because whilst the APL includes many of the products offered by our Participating Health Funds, occasionally a fund may decide to change the set of products they make available to us.

There are no inducements/incentives provided to our call centre consultants to promote or sell particular funds or products.