Discover Australia’s most flexible health cover.


Discover Australia’s most flexible health cover

  • Australia's 5th largest health fund 
  • Highest customer satisfaction of all major health funds*
  • Number 1 for customer retention amongst all the major health funds
  • Number 1 for benefits paid to members^
  • Covers more of the total dental bill on average than any other major fund^^

*IPSOS 2016.
^As listed in the Australian Medical Association Health Insurance Report Card 2016.
^^PHIO 2015.
"Major health fund" refers to Australian market share.


  • Standalone hospital covers
  • Standalone extras covers
  • Ability to combine hospital and extras covers


HBF is open to all Australian residents.


HBF operates in all Australian States and Territories.


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What people say about HBF

I had surgery almost 2 years ago and the only thing that I had to pay for was medication really which was about $500 and a couple of exclusions. The op itself was over $10,000, so I never get worried about my premiums costing me a lot. I’m grateful for having private health and HBF are the best for health care.

HBF Member

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