Caring for the health cover needs of transport and energy industry employees and their families.


Over 125 years ago, rt health fund was formed by a group of mates working on the railways. Today we partner with some of the country’s largest transport and energy industry organisations and around 50,000 people trust their health cover to us. Our members enjoy excellent value private health insurance while being part of a community that shares ownership of the fund.

We’re proud to say that our commitment to members means that rt health fund is one of the most recommended health funds in the country. And, our members appreciate being treated like individuals and not a number in the system - we’re rated twice the industry average*!

*Health Care & Insurance Australia 2015. Ipsos Australia.


  • Standalone hospital covers
  • Standalone extras covers
  • Ability to combine hospital and extras covers
  • Pre-packaged covers


You may be eligible in your own right, or through an eligible family member, even if your family member is not an rt member. Once your eligibility to join rt has been established it remains in place for life, even if you lose your original links with the transport or energy industries.

Employee eligibility:
You are eligible to join in your own right if you are a current or former employee of a:

  • government or privately operated land, sea or air transport company
  • government entity charged with administering the land, sea or air transport industries
  • an employee of a government or privately operated energy generation and delivery entity including supply of electricity, gas, oil, petrol, coal, nuclear or renewable energy
  • contract company where you are, or were, employed to provide services to an organisation described in 1, 2 or 3 above; or
  • if you are a current or former member of Railways Credit Union Limited

Family eligibility:
You are eligible to join through a family relationship if you are related to someone who fits any of the above criteria, whether they are an rt member or not. You must be the eligible person’s:

  • Mother or father
  • Brother or sister
  • Brother or sister-in-law
  • Partner/former partner (spouse or de facto)
  • Child (natural, adopted or foster child)
  • Stepchild*
  • Son or daughter-in-law
  • Grandchild
  • Niece or nephew*

*In the case of stepchildren, nieces and nephews, to be eligible you must be under the age of 21, or between the ages of 21 and 25, not married or living in a de facto relationship, and studying full-time.


rt Health operates in all Australian States and Territories.


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What people say about rt Health

I get prompt replies to my emails, and I can speak to an actual person immediately without waiting on hold for long periods - I am a very happy member.

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