Don’t get sold by for-profit health insurers
Ben Thomas,
Customer Experience Manager
Health Insurance Expert, who’d sign up for that job title? Ben Thomas did in 2008 and hasn’t looked back.

With so many myths out there about health insurance, it’s time a few got busted. Member’s Own CEO Troy Sheahan stepped up to do just that. Here are the takeaways.

  • It turns out that not-for-profit health funds receive less complaints than their for-profit competitors.
  • When you switch to a Members Own health fund, you won’t have to wait for any service you’re already covered for.
  • Finally, the truth reveals that you don’t get better value health cover from bigger names.

Don’t get sold by for-profit health insurers

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The reason for all this is actually pretty simple.

Non-profit organisations like Members Own aren’t beholden to shareholder profits. That means they’re able to deliver a service that’s straightforward, personal, and aimed solely at providing quality value to their members.

With Members Own, your health comes first.