Simplify your search for private healthcare
Ben Thomas,
Customer Experience Manager
Health Insurance Expert, who’d sign up for that job title? Ben Thomas did in 2008 and hasn’t looked back.

When Sam took the decision to sort out his private healthcare requirements, he found himself frustrated by how complicated the process seemed to be.

He spent time hustling through various policies and forms that seemed pointless, as he never received a call back.

Then he discovered Members Own, a collection of not-for-profit health funds, and everything changed.

Simplify your search for private healthcare

See why Sam joined over 1 million Aussies who have better experiences with not-for-profit health funds

With no shareholders to pander to, Members Own Health Funds are able to deliver a service that’s straightforward, personal, and aimed solely at providing quality value to their members.

Anyone can join Sam, and discover all the benefits available to Members Own members.